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Lovely fairies raise many pets, each color of bubbles corresponding to a certain pet food. Come and help fairies to feed pets quickly. The four successive bubbles of the same color in a row can be eliminated, and any kind of such arrangement can work. With the level growing higher, the number of pets will increase accordingly, and more and more pets will come out with the speed of falling bubbles getting faster and faster. This is a multiple-level game. The levels of the game can be adjusted to low, middle or high, and there are five music formats to choose. With the same level the game will automatically time that players spend the shortest time to complete will get the highest scores. Get all this when you download ANGEL PETS: Fascinating and easy to play; Beautiful graphics and high quality effects; Support Boss Key feature to fast minimize game window. Game Control: Use the left mouse button to control bubble falling speed and the right mouse button to control bubble rotation. Or use up arrow key in the keyboard for bubble's rotation, down arrow key for bubble's falling speed, and left and right arrows for bubble's motion.

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